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3 Ways to Boost Your Arc Flash Preparedness

From burn injuries to eye damage and even death, arc flashes occur in less than a second and expose workers and equipment to temperatures four times stronger than the sun’s surface. Are you prepared? An arc flash occurs when an…

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3 Safety Measures You Might Be Missing Out On

Surprisingly easy-to-implement protocols that can change the way you think about safety. Most injuries occur during the everyday, seemingly common tasks that workers perform on a repetitive basis. When thinking about safety around your site, perceived risk is a good…

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QUICK TIP — Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) acronyms

Have you ever wondered what the commonly used acronyms for programmable logic controllers mean?   ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange BCD: Binary Coded Decimal CSA: Canadian Standards Association DIO: Distributed I/O EIA: Electronic Industries Association EMI: Electromagnetic Interference HMI: Human Machine Interface IEC: International Electro technical…

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