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electrical contractor safety

Electrical Contractor Safety

Electrical Contractor Safety Starts With Us

Electrical Job Site Safety

At New Electric, we believe companies that uphold the highest safety standards produce the best quality and results. When we invest time and energy in our training and education programs, we are investing in the future of our employees. Our weekly workshops provide hands-on prevention training for common hazards such as arc-flash, falls, shocks, cuts, slips and many other hazards faced by employees each and every day. All of our electrical wiring installations are performed by qualified personnel.

Our comprehensive electrical safety programs include:

  • Accountability for safety on all electrical wiring
  • Active participation in the safety process
  • Commitment of significant resources for safety training
  • Commitment to a drug-free workplace
  • Daily implementation of comprehensive safety policies
  • Frequent, job-site safety inspections
  • Ongoing commitment and involvement of senior leadership, that is dedicated to the safety of New Electric employees