Have you ever wondered what the commonly used acronyms for programmable logic controllers mean?


ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

BCD: Binary Coded Decimal

CSA: Canadian Standards Association

DIO: Distributed I/O

EIA: Electronic Industries Association

EMI: Electromagnetic Interference

HMI: Human Machine Interface

IEC: International Electro technical Commission

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

I/O:  Input(s) and/or Output(s)

ISO: International Standards Organization

LL: Ladder Logic

LSB: Least Significant Bit

MMI: Man Machine Interface

MODICON: Modular Digital Controller

MSB: Most Significant Bit

PID: Proportional Integral Derivative (feedback control)

RF: Radio Frequency

RIO: Remote I/O

RTU: Remote Terminal Unit

SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol


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