Remote access technology is the ability to control, manage, report, and troubleshoot any or all aspects of your manufacturing process from any location.

It is the freedom to gain access to the multitude of networked machines or working robots in your factory, from anywhere. In short, it is true integration of operational technology (OT) with IT at the highest level.

And, that’s just the beginning. Think about lack of collaborating—on any level—and the costs associated with networks that aren’t integrated. Remote access technology takes your workflow from a group of machines working together to a manufacturing process with many parts that work as one.

Depending on where your product’s lifecycle is currently operating, you might be ready for remote access technology. Here are three things you should know about it:



Naturally, cybersecurity is something to think about when implementing any new type of technology. After all, critical and proprietary information is being transmitted online between two or more entities.

Control software that is operating on an integrated network—of any size—needs to be safe and secure. So make sure your technology partner addresses this first and foremost. Look for a partner who has years of experience and has evolved with the technology. They must also possess a keen eye for anticipating how this technology will evolve.



Automated solutions are by nature designed to boost efficiency, lower operating costs, and drive accountability. At their best, they are also built with the future in mind; both technologically and in terms of your company’s scaleability.

Plus, automation at this level allows you to create real-time reports, identify errors in a proactive way, minimize standstill machinery, grant safe and secure access to maintenance technicians as needed, and maybe even carve out a second channel of revenue generation via increased output.


A look ahead:

The future of remote access technology looks bright: you’ll be able to manage multiple aspects of any automated assembly line, warehouse or transport facility from anywhere. Moreover, you’ll be able to fix problems as they arise. No more sending your technicians all over the globe. They’ll be able to use their expertise from home to create a solution in a fraction of the time. Downtime and disruptions to large scale production chains will be a thing of the past. Next, you’ll enjoy simulation and A/B testing like never before. The digital factory of tomorrow will have the capabilities to run tests with myriad variations to the manufacturing process without having to physically disrupt live production or workflow.

There is no doubt that this is the way of the future; lights out manufacturing and integrated factories already possess the capabilities to have machines “talk” to one and other. The ability to gather and analyze data, create reports, and even troubleshoot is a reality for many large scale factories. Remote access technology is simply one aspect of this next generation of manufacturing — and it is now more readily available than ever before. For SME’s who are on the threshold of expansion, updating, or scaling their operational technologies to meet growing demand, remote access technology is a logical next step.


New Electric:

New electric installs and programs the systems above to have access from anywhere or to collect data and send it to a location for machines that are in remote areas. For more information on the products we use of these products, visit Ewon’s applications page ( or their security page for a report on level and testing (