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SICK Sensor Repair

SICK Sensor Repair

How to determine If Your SICK Sensors Need Repair

As with all technology products, SICK sensors may need a diagnostic test, service, or replacement during its lifetime.

SICK sensors, which are part of the Sick PLS scanner, work on the principle of reflex light time measurement. What this means is that it emits very short light pulses, and at the same time an electronic stopwatch runs. If the light encounters an object, it is reflected and thrown back at the sensor. From the time between sending and receiving, the sensor calculates its distance from an object.

Based off of this principle, SICK sensors can be managed and programmed to have a protective or warning field installed in the sensor, and when someone or something enters into this field, the machine or plant is shut down, preventing possible injuries or even death.

In order to ensure that the PLS scanner and sensors are performing correctly the system performs continuous self-test routines. If one of these tests fails when a system is starting up or during operation the PLS automatically shuts down the machine or plant. If a fault occurs, the operator or plant manager should check the scanner and see if the yellow LED light is rapidly flashing on the system at around 4 times per second. When this occurs, cut the power to the PLS for 3 seconds. If the problem persists, contact New Electric for further help.

After you have contacted New Electric, we can then perform a full diagnostic test on the laser. We will install the Laser in a test circuit, and troubleshoot the laser through SICK Laser programming to help determine the problem. We then check for communication problems, board damage, as well as mechanical damage. When the problem areas are determined, we will order replacement parts and install them for you. The PLS scanner is then cleaned, including all optical SICK sensors, reassembled and tested for proper operation. When everything checks out with no further errors, it is returned to customer to be placed back into service.

Our professional staff will help to ensure that your PLS scanner and SICK sensor repair are working exactly as they were before the failed tests.

For more information on how we can help to repair SICK sensors and more, please give us a call 24/7 at (877) 355-4707, or email us at [email protected].

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