Many plants and factories rely on SICK Sensors to help protect their employees from injury. SICK sensors work on the principle of reflex light time measurement. The Sick Sensor emits very short light pulses and at the same time an electronic stopwatch runs. If the light encounters an object it is reflected and thrown back at the sensor. From the time between sending and receiving the sensor calculates its distance from an object. Based off of this principle SICK sensors can be managed and programmed to have a protective or warning field installed in the sensor. When someone or something enters into this field the machine or plant is shut down preventing possible injuries.

If A SICK Sensor starts to malfunction its internal self-test routine will automatically note the malfunction and shut itself down. This in turn will shut the plant or machine down. When this happens it is critical for the SICK Sensor to then be thoroughly diagnosed and, if necessary, repaired. If there is a yellow fault light flashing on the unit cutting the power for 3 seconds may clear the issue (similar to rebooting your PC when it hangs up). If this does not solve the issue then communication problems, board damage and mechanical damage should be checked for. Once the problem is found, replacement parts need to be installed. Then the SICK Sensor should be cleaned, reassembled and tested.

If you do not have the in-house expertise you should not try to repair a SICK Sensor your own. You want to have a company with experience handle the repairs for you to make sure that your safety equipment is actually safe.


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