A visual inspection of your facility may reveal electrical problems, but by the time those problems are visible with the naked eye they could have already caused damage and cost you money and downtime. That is why thermal imaging is so critical. It allows us to see things that the naked eye cannot. So before an electrical problem turns critical, we can find it and fix it avoiding costly down time, equipment damage and potential safety issues.

Here are some of the kinds of issues our thermal imaging scan can reveal:

• Faulty Terminal Wires
• Damaged Jumper Wires
• Faulty Disconnects
• Loose or Over Tightened Wire Connections
• Over Heating Pump Bearings
• Faulty Motor Bearings
• Breaker Problems
• Broken or Undersized Wires
• Faulty Insulation
• Fuses Over Their Current Capacity
• Overheating Fuse Clips


Again these are just some of the things a thermal image scan may reveal. That is why we recommend regularly scheduled preventative maintenance inspections. Not only will we provide you with our thermal imaging scans but we also provide the following:

• Label all Power Distribution,
• Check wire size and fuses
• Check Motor Loads and Overload Protection
• Create a single line diagram
• Control Panel Inspection
• Breaker Panels
• Lighting panels
• Individual circuits
• GFI Breakers
• Arc Fault Breakers
• Power Distribution Inspection
• Software Back-Ups of PLC’s and HMI’s


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