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Protein Processing



We understand the urgency of project timelines and the critical nature of quality workmanship in accordance with current food and beverage standards and best practices.

Food and Beverage processing requires all work on-site to adhere to stringent food-safety requirements from a broad array of third-party certification and standards organizations such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) and BRC Global standards and certifications. At the end of the day, quality is synonymous with a continuously evolving standard and it often takes the right partners to get there.


Contamination is a tremendous concern in the Food and Beverage industry, and nowhere is this more critical than in protein processing and packaging. Products can be raw, cooked, and processed all in one location. Beyond the general guidelines for safety and common sense, there are specific standards for each industry that must be followed.

Best practices regarding electrical work in protein facilities include:

  • Mitigate bacterial harbour points by utilizing materials that prevent bacteria and dirt build up. Some examples:
    • Food grade strut or angle iron vs. standard uni-strut
    • Non-threaded rod vs. threaded rod
    • Stand-off strapping vs. surface mount strapping
  • Install metal detectable tie-wraps in production areas
  • Use food grade wax lubricant for all drilling and tapping
  • Use 316 stainless steel for food contact and 304 stainless for non-food contact wash down areas
  • Do not use wood handled tools
  • Be accountable for tools entering the plant to ensure they leave the plant
  • Dress for the occasion, some examples:
    • Hair nets should cover ears and all hair on head
    • Beard nets to cover facial hair
    • Wear clean clothes free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
    • Never have anything stored in your top shirt pockets
  • Hygiene:
    • Come to work free of perfumes or other odours
    • Clean and sanitize tools and PPE in and out of production areas
    • Wash hands in and out of production areas

When it comes to providing adequate and appropriate lighting, installation of multiple equipment lines, integration with existing equipment, start-up commissioning assistance and subsequent maintenance, New Electric’s expansive team of highly-skilled technicians will deliver first-rate electrical solutions to your facility.


The effort required to operate a dustless facility is no small feat.

In order to maximize production efficiency in milling production, air handling and filter systems must move massive volumes of air to create a dust-free space and equalize the air pressure inside and outside the facility. When driving the massive bulk handling, conveying, grinding and processing, proper air filtering and air handling become absolutely essential. Avoiding the three types of contamination (microbial, particulate, and cross-contamination) requires diligent adherence to proper preventative procedures.

New Electric has a proven history of installing and testing multiple electrical systems required to adequately light, power, integrate and service extensive automation and communications systems found in flour and grain processing environments. Our scale-able staff of experienced electricians and programmers ensures that our projects never become overwhelmed, as we are able to tap into our vast pool of talent to accommodate any job’s shifting requirements.


When the difference between beverage flavour profiles is so nuanced, process equipment must deliver consistent and accurate results, whether you’re a small batch producer or a large-scale bottler. Every stage of processing impacts the integrity of your final product.

Brewing and distillation processing systems require sophisticated, sanitary, and carefully controlled equipment to work together efficiently in order to ensure a high quality product. Distributed process controls also demand extensive safety features, including installing explosion-proof devices, fittings and isolation points to ensure that any accident doesn’t turn into a disaster. Investing in the proper installation methods is the best insurance against threats to your facility’s production.

New Electric will design and implement the electrical and automation systems required to operate pre-treatment, raw material cleansing, fermentation process control, bottling, and packaging equipment while maintaining the most efficient processes and minimizing water and energy use.

With superior quality workmanship and a deep commitment to safety on every job site, New Electric serves as a preferred vendor in providing preventative maintenance, electrical design, plant improvements and troubleshooting for the Food and Beverage industry.

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