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YASKAWA Repair Services

Yaskawa Repair Services for Electric Drives

Whether your having a problem with Yaskawa Electric drives, a Yaskawa Motor or other Yaskawa components New Electric can repair them for you.

At New Electric, when a Yaskawa Electric component failure occurs, we have a specific repair process:

  1. New Electric (NE) Electronic Repair receives a distress call from a customer
  2. NE database is searched for common faults and problem solutions
  3. Assessment is made if field service is required
  4. Faulty item is diagnosed in the field by NE technician or customer
  5. Part is received by local NE Electronic Repair Depot
  6. Upon arrival the part is entered into the NE database
  7. Initial inspection is performed
  8. Quote for repair and/or replacement is issued to the customer
  9. Upon customer approval the repair commences immediately
  10. Within hours initial diagnosis is issued by the NE technician
  11. Parts are procured and customer is notified of the repair status
  12. Estimated repair time is relayed to customer
  13. Repair completed
  14. Static testing is completed
  15. Dynamic testing if possible is completed
  16. Our PLC programmer will test the hardware onsite to ensure it is functioning properly in its environment
  17. All test results are logged and recorded into the database
  18. Parts replaced and steps to repair are logged into the database
  19. Part is cleaned, packaged and expedited to the customer
  20. Part is reinstalled and field tested to the customer’s satisfaction
  21. Upon signed approval an invoice is generated immediately bearing the customer’s PO number

Types of Yaskawa components with work include their:

  • Servo Systems and Motion Controllers
  • Low Voltage Industrial Control
  • Motoman Industrial Robots
  • Industrial AC Drives
  • Commercial HVAC Drives
  • iQpump Controllers
  • Spindle Drives and Motors